September 11, 2012

Bulk Database Integrated QR Codes with Mobile Page Template

There are many bulk QR Code generation services out there. These are mostly just about creating a bunch of QR Codes based on static information.

After working with many customers we realized that some customers need something special: generate bulk codes along with mobile pages to convey specific information about lots of objects.

An example use case would be a wine retailer wanting to use QR Codes. They need a QR Code with a linked mobile page to convey the information about each specific wine. The issue is that individually creating so many mobile pages is tedious and soon the project becomes unviable.

Another example is that of an appliance manufacturer. They want a QR Code for every model of appliance, which when scanned provides access to the user guide of the specific appliance model along with service information: phone numbers, location of service centre, opening hours etc. The service information is common to all appliances but the guides are different for every appliance model. Again the same issue: How to efficiently create a QR Code for every model ?

Yet another use case is in Museums. Here they wish to create a QR Code for every exhibit to link it to relevant online resources to make the experience more enriching for visitors. Most of the information is unique but once you create thousands of such mobile pages and QR Codes - changing something common (say a link to museum contact information) to all of them would be a lot of work!!!

Similar use cases exist in healthcare, public information,........ the list is endless.

Qryptal has been working to bring an elegant solution to the market to solve this problem and this post outlines the solution. It is really easy:

1. Create a spreadsheet for all the different products (or exhibits etc) with the unique information encoded in different columns. Example:

2. Create a template on the Qryptal Mobile page designer. You can put all the common information in the template and put the spreadsheet column name for the variable information:

3. Now just click on the "Sync Spreadsheet" button on the Qryptal interface and it will:

  • Create a unique QR Code for every row. Just print and use. 
  • Sync all the unique information, so that when someone scans the QR Code, they get the information from the template combined with the information in the spreadsheet.

4. On going maintenance is equally easy:
  • Update info: Just change the content in the spreadsheet and Sync
  • Add more items: Just add to spreadsheet and Sync

We think this is a really great solution which makes QR Codes viable for many such use cases. For more information: